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Boss says

I am Evan Hao, manager of Libreeze Tech. Graduated from Hunan Institute of Engineering

  I have 12 years of experience in oversea trading, if counting it since I start contacting foreign trade in 2003, it’s been more than 18 years now.

  I have sold a lot of goods to oversea customers, I have got many orders, from many countries all over the world.

  I just keep doing this as my normal life, packing each product very carefully, dealing with every customer's problems sincerely, no high profit, no explosive growth, just like life itself, Simple, Persistence, Long-lasting, like sunrise and sunset.
  Communicate with the world, cargo through the world, the original intention has never changed.

  With the accumulation of time, whether the experience or customers and supplier resources will be more and more abundant, this is my expertise.

  In the meantime, we started to design and produce our own featured products as well.

​  Please stay tuned and welcome to pay attention to our website for the latest product information.

  Welcome visit our official website to contact us, you can visit our online store website to get products you need.

Libreeze (Guangzhou) Technology Co.,Ltd founded on Oct. 30 2017.

Our Hongkong company eTk International Limited has closed in 2021, brand eTk® has been transfered to our Guangzhou company libreeze tech.. All related business will be hand over to libreeze tech. too. 

We are an international marketing company with an open team and operational philosophy.

We have closed all third-party platform stores on eBay, Amazon, Newegg, Shopee etc. named Libreeze or eTkonline.

Now we forcus on the OB2OB business, the Online and Offline Business To Business business.

We published our official website www.libreeze.com and online wholesale weblite store.libreeze.com.

Welcome to visit and purchase LED household lights and plants grow lights from Chinese professional factories.

You may will find us on Fackbook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+ or other famous social network. Or... maybe not

if we don't have time for that.

We have many leading service concepts and product ideas. We always are doing our best to become

a great member of international e-commerce.

Maybe you need our products, and we know we need your help and support as well, so we can help each other. But for those Followers of Ugly American Politics who distort Chinese history, slander Chinese culture, maliciously discredit the Chinese government and people and sanction Chinese companies but still want to obtain Chinese products and services. I can tell them clearly, No Way!!!

Our team have over 10 years of experience on this area, so we trust we can do it better every day.

We not only transport products, we create needs and services. We have unique customer credit shipping system


That's us, full with energy and hope, faith and trust!

Libreeze Tech.​ 2021



Professional Manufacturer

Household and Commercial Table Lamps



Professional Manufacturer

Automotive lamps and lenses

Professional Manufacturer

Flowers and Plants LED Grow Lights

Professional Manufacturer

Optical Light Guide Plate Acrylic Lamps